Fire Protectors – New brand with plenty of tradition

What actually belongs together is now united, setting out on a new path in passive fire protection. Three fire protection units, each with an independent past, have found a common roof in Wolman Wood and Fire Protection GmbH.

Wolman Site Sinzheim now also with the Fire Protectors flag

Wolman Site Sinzheim now also with the Fire Protectors flag!

Eric Uerdingen

Eric Uerdingen

The fire protection businesses with the product brands Interdens®, Exterdens®, Wolmanit® Firestop, Wolmanit® Antiflamm, Palusol® and KBS® at the three sites in Sinzheim, Frankenthal and Illertissen now substantially complement the established wood protection products business of the former BASF Wolman GmbH. For more than a decade, the three fire protection units in the BASF Group lived side by side and independently of each other in different business units.

"In order to make the togetherness visible to the outside world, we have launched our new umbrella brand Fire Protectors," says Managing Director Dr Ralf Schulz. "In addition, our strategic focus on passive fire protection and significantly more resources for business development open up great prospects for our established business partners and also for new customers," he adds.

Long-established and extensively tested intumescent fire protection materials, such as the silicate-based Palusol® or the phosphate- and graphite-based fire protection materials Interdens® and Exterdens®, form a proven range for converters and manufacturers of technical fire protection products. With the system brand KBS®, the new umbrella brand owns globally approved systems for the fire protective coating of electrical cables as well as the sealing of a variety of different types of lines routed through fire compartment boundaries. The portfolio of the umbrella brand is rounded off by the product brands Wolmanit® Firestop and Wolmanit® Antiflamm for the fire protection of wood and wood-based materials. These latter products also form the bridge to the wood protection range of Wolman Wood and Fire Protection GmbH. As a further offering, Fire Protectors also provides the fire protection industry with its expertise and support in the search for non-traditional solutions in passive fire protection. New business areas, such as new materials for fire protection in electromobility, are another important element in the strategic orientation of Fire Protectors.

With its decades of experience in development, formulation and production, Wolman Wood and Fire Protection GmbH is the only international supplier to offer all established fire protection technologies for passive fire protection. Dr. Eric Uerdingen, head of the new business unit Fire Protection explains: "In the future, we aim to improve interaction with our customers and business partners with our comprehensive range of products and systems, a young motivated team and a modern equipped R&D department. Our vision is to provide innovative materials and systems for sustainable fire protection solutions along the entire value chain."

Fire Protectors is well positioned to be a valuable partner to market participants with experience, expertise and future-proof products in the constantly changing regulatory environment of passive fire protection.