Flamastic® Customized Solutions

Flamastic® Customized Solutions

For challenging fields of application and safety in all areas

Our goal is to develop individual, application-specific solutions together with you. To this end, we have revived our traditional brand Flamastic® and dedicated a separate segment in our Fire Protectors portfolio to the field of “Customized Solutions”.

We offer you:

  • Know-how in all known passive fire protection technologies
  • Agile R&D team with decades of formulation experience
  • Excellent R&D lab equipment incl. fire test facilities
  • Expertise on applicable fire protection regulations
  • Integration of our fire protection technologies in plastic parts of all kinds
  • Professional project management


With over 60 years of experience in passive structural fire protection, we transfer our know-how to adjacent fields in this area and increasingly also to other industries. In addition to the construction-related industries, these include above all applications relating to the mobility and infrastructure of the future as well as areas of application relating to electronic devices in the end-user segment.

Advantages for all industries

Based on the high quality of our products and decades of experience, we ensure fire protection according to your needs – even in new and challenging areas of application.

Fire protection

Highest fire protection performance and excellent thermal insulation in case of fire, individual configuration in terms of weight and volume


Simple handling with standard industrial appliances


Free of hazardous substances subject to labelling and in compliance with VOC guidelines

Technologies for all applications: intumescence and ablation

Our fire protection solutions are based on the effect of intumescent or ablative layers that are activated by higher temperatures. This allows us to offer you efficient solutions in all temperature ranges.


Silicate based solutions:
Formation of insulation layers with expanded pressure and rigid foam

­ ­

Graphite based solutions:
Formation of insulation layers with expanded pressure and soft elastic foam

­ ­

Phosphate based solutions:
Formation of insulation layers with little pressure, with soft elastic foam


Endothermic reaction:
No formation of insulation layers

* What does intumescence and ablation mean?

Under moderate heat intumescent systems form thermally stable foams with low thermal conductivity. Ablative coatings react at elevated temperatures under heat consumption (endothermic reaction) and flame retardation.

Fire Protection technology in three variants

As part of our Flamastic® Customized Solutions portfolio, we offer you a wide range of application options – tailored to your needs. In addition, all Flamastic® fire protection products – whether dry blends, pastes, compounds or films – are available on a graphite or phosphate basis. If you have any further questions about the properties or application areas of the products, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Flamastic® Dry Blends

Flamastic® Dry Blends are used as fire-resistant additives for polymeric materials and are a main ingredient for the production of Flamastic® Compounds and Pastes.

Flamastic® Pastes

With Flamastic® Pastes, we offer coatings from thin to pasty, as a 1K or 2K system. The ideal solution for all areas where the application must be applied by spraying, filling, painting, spreading or lacquering.

Flamastic® Compounds

Flamastic® Compounds are granules based on different polymers. They are ideal for injection molding, extrusion/coextrusion, soling as well as for blow molding or deep-drawing molds.

Flamastic® Film

Flamastic® Film is a film calendered from Flamastic® Compounds (= polymer granules) using an extruder.

Solutions for electromobility

The increasing number of battery applications in mobility requires new solutions to counter the associated fire hazard. In particular, the thermal runaway of rechargeable battery systems must be shielded so that passengers have enough time to evacuate in the event of a fire.

Our solutions include coating or cladding of the vehicle structure, polymer films for the vehicle underbody to coatings for battery housings.

In order to find the right fire protection solution with our customers, we simulate the toughest fire loads in our own laboratories and test facilities. In the following example you can convince yourself of the high effectiveness of our fire protection solutions for batteries in the field of electromobility.

Your contact for advice & sales

André Klüger-von Loga

Business Manager Fire Protection Customized Solutions

Mobile: +49 152 54914350
E-Mail: andre.klueger-von-loga@wolman.de


Lösung für die brandsichere Auslegung von Pumpenanschlüssen

A solution for the fire-proof design of pump connections

A Scandinavian manufacturer of ballast tank pumps for ships was looking for a solution for the fire-proof design of the pump connections. Specially made sealing rings based on a graphite-driven intumescent compound developed by us were able to meet the requirement.

Intumeszenzsperre für heiße Abgasströme in Dieselmotoren

Intumescent barrier for the exhaust gas cleaning system

For a well-known manufacturer of large diesel units, we developed the special component of an intumescent barrier for the exhaust gas cleaning system. This is intended to prevent fire damage to the engine and ultimately the vehicle in the event of a malfunction of the exhaust gas cleaning system

Lösung zur Abschottung von Aluminium-Hohlleitern

A solution for fire sealing electric aluminum waveguides

In 2013 we developed a solution for fire sealing electric aluminum waveguides of diameters up to 500 mm for an international energy technology company.