Interdens® and Exterdens®

Proven protection in case of fire

Interdens® and Exterdens® are fire protection products that foam up in the event of fire and effectively extend the fire resistance of building components.

The products Interdens® and Exterdens® are based on phosphate and graphite technology. In the event of fire, they foam reliably at temperatures above 150°C, forming a fine-pored, insulating protective layer and thus buying important time until the arrival of the fire brigade. As a result, they not only help protect life but also help preserve the value of material assets.

The product portfolio is constantly being further developed and adapted to the changing market needs in close cooperation with fire protection experts and customers. Emphasis is also placed on environmental aspects. This enables us to meet the stringent requirements for sustainable construction and thus make our contribution to building certification.

Interdens® and Exterdens® have been proven products for decades and are successfully used in structural fire protection. They are available both as sheet and roll materials in various colors and designs.

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Mann McGowan: Use of Interdens® in the lock area of doors

In particularly sensitive door areas, such as door locks, Interdens® forms a microporous, heat-insulating foam when exposed to fire, which spreads into joints and cavities without pressure. This protects metallic materials in wooden doors from the encroachment of flames and heat transfer.