KBS® Cable Fire Protection Coatings

Reliably preventing fire propagation on electrical cables

Electricity is a lifeline for our modern society. But the cables through which it is transported harbor manifold dangers in case of fire!

Electrical cables can, for example, ignite locally by short-circuiting or overheating. Or they may be preheated by a fire of another cause and ignited by direct exposure to flame. Due to the mostly flammable insulations, a fire can make its way along the cable installations through buildings and facilities in no time, endangering life and limb of the people inside. According to literature, a fire can spread along vertical cable routes at a rate of over 20 meters per minute.  Our cable fire protection coatings effectively prevent this. This effectiveness has been proven by a large number of fire tests in accordance with a wide range of standards, carried out by recognized and accredited testing institutes.

There are various options and systems on the market for protecting electrical cables against the spread of fire: e.g. the use of special fire-protection cables, cladding made of non-combustible panels, special prefabricated cable ducts against fire from inside and outside, or fire-protective cable bandages. In contrast to all these aforementioned systems, fire-retardant cable coating is clearly the most cost-effective solution.

For this purpose, we offer two systems under our KBS® brand, which differ fundamentally both in their mode of action and in their practical properties.

Ablative coatings

Ablative coatings, such as KBS® Coating, which has been produced by Grünau since 1969 and now by Wolman Wood and Fire Protection GmbH, act in the event of fire by means of an endothermic reaction. The material contains substances that undergo chemical and physical changes at elevated temperatures under energy consumption. The cable to be protected is cooled as a result. In addition, gaseous substances escape which have a strong inhibiting effect on the flames.

Intumescent coatings

The intumescent cable coating KBS® Foamcoat develops a microporous foam under the influence of fire, which ensures fire protection due to its insulating effect. This system, also known as intumescent fire protection coating - due to its sensitivity to moisture and humidity - is recommended for use in dry, low-moisture environments only.

Product range

KBS® Coating for indoor and outdoor use  

KBS® Foamcoat for indoor use  

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Brandschutzbeschichtung der Leitungen in einem Kabeltunnel

Fire protection coating of electric cables in a cable tunnel

The cable tunnel of the "Cable Line Pehlin - Turnic" project on the Croatian Adriatic coast near Rijeka extends over a distance of almost 2 km. To protect the 110 kV cables against fire propagation, the Croatian company Dalekovod equipped them with KBS® Coating in 2014.

Kabelbeschichtung im Sime Darby Gaskraftwerk Thailand

Cable coating at Sime Darby gas power plant Thailand

The supply of electrical energy for the population and industry is an essential necessity nowadays. The coating of the cables in the transformer station of the Sime Darby CCGT Cogen Power Plant, Laem Chabang Industrial Estate Chon Buri / Thailand with KBS® Coating ensures that cable fires and the resulting blackouts in the power distribution network are avoided

Kabelbeschichtung in einer Raffinerie

Cable coating in a refinery

In 2013, Bangchak Petroleum was looking for a cable fire protection coating that could withstand decades of outdoor use in the weather conditions of tropical Thailand.

KBS® Coating – Eiffelturm Paris

KBS® Coating - Eiffel Tower Paris

In 2010, the complete steel structure of the Eiffel Tower was painted with a brown color. To match this, the fire-retardant cable coating KBS® Coating also had to be colored in the same shade and applied to the visible power cables. Prior to its application, however, our lab-team needed to ascertain that the fire protective action of KBS® Coating had not suffered due to the coloration.