KBS® FR Caulking

Our intumescent high-performance caulk

Intumescent sealant for fire protection of single and bundled electrical cables as well as pipe penetrations and for the installation of cable and mixed penetration seal solutions.

Technical features / advantages

  • Develops a heat insulating carbon foam when exposed to heat
  • Develops a swelling pressure when exposed to heat
  • Used in intumescent and ablative KBS® panel seal systems
  • Can be painted over
  • Weather resistant

Area of application

  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Use for cable and mixed penetration seals in conjunction with mineral wool panels to achieve flame resistance and smoke tightness in fire compartmentation.
  • Fire stopping of individual cable and pipe penetrations

Approvals and test certificates

  • European Technical Assessment (ETA): ETA-22/0435
  • Classified for use in KBS® panel seal systems according to EN13501-2
  • UL listed


For requests regarding technical documents or test and approval certificates, please use downloads or contact: info@fire-protectors.com