KBS® Sealbags

Our fire stop pillows

Fire protection bags for flexible, temporary, but also permanent sealing of cable penetrations through walls and floors. Available in up to 5 different sizes, depending on the respective approval.

Technical features / advantages

  • Proven and reliable fire stopping system, tried and tested for many years 
  • Mechanically highly stable penetration seal in case of fire due to:
    • Bonding of the contents at 130 °C
    • Swelling of the filling material at 280 °C
    • Hardening by "ceramic" reaction at 800 °C
  • Water and moisture resistant
  • Resistant to weathering
  • High electrical resistance, non-conductive in dry environment
  • Volume stable
  • Vibration stable
  • Easy processing without special work safety measures

Application area

  • Sealing of cable penetrations through walls and floors
  • KBS® Sealbags are preferably used in such penetration seals where cable layout changes are frequently carried out.
  • Excellent suitability for rooms in which dust-free working is required, e.g. in computer rooms

Approvals and test certificates

  • CE certified
  • European technical assessment (ETA): ETA-20/0874
  • Classified as cable penetration seal according to EN13501-2
  • Approved as cable penetration seal in Germany (abG): Z-19.53-2435
  • Approved as cable penetration seal in Switzerland (VKF fire protection application)
  • FM-Approved as cable penetration seal (FM4990)
  • UL listed
  • Tested according to British Standard (BS476) as cable penetration seal


For requests regarding technical documents or test and approval certificates, please use downloads or contact: info@fire-protectors.com