KBS® Tub Jacket

Our versatile solution for metal pipes

KBS®Tub Jacket is the KBS® pipe sealing system for non-combustible pipes made of steel, stainless steel, copper or cast iron with various insulation materials and topping with KBS® Coating or KBS® Foamcoat. KBS® Tub Jacket applications are fire protection tested solutions according to EN 1366-3 for metal pipes passing through fire compartment walls and floors.

Technical features / advantages

Tested as single pipe penetration and in KBS® mixed penetration seal systems with mineral wool insulation. Also tested in KBS® Kombischott systems with the elastomeric rubber insulations Armaflex AF, LS, NH and Ultima, Kaiflex KK Plus as well as the PIR rigid foam insulations Kisodur and Regopir, equipped with various surface laminations.

Application area

KBS® Tub Jacket can be used in the fire stopping of individual metal pipes as well as within our KBS® panel seal and KBS® mortar seal  solutions. The classification report K-3261/151/14 - MPA BS according to EN 13501-1 describes the scope of application in lightweight walls ≥ 100 mm as well as solid floors of ≥ 150 mm thickness. The test certificate covers metal pipes with diameters from ≥ 12.0 mm to ≤ 159.0 mm. In addition, further test data for copper tubes up to 88.9 and steel tubes up to 323.9 mm outer diameter is available for KBS® Tub Jacket solutions within our various mixed penetration seal systems.

Approvals and test certificates

Classification reports according to EN 13501-1

  • No. K-3261/151/14 – MPA BS, KBS® Tub Jacket
  • No. K-2400/753/18 – MPA BS, KBS® Kombischott ABL 90/120
  • No. K-2400/543/17 – MPA BS, KBS® Kombischott INT 90
  • No. K-2401/202/16 – MPA BS, KBS® Kombischott INT 60
  • No. 7994-09-26 – AFITI LICOF, KBS® Tub Jacket EI 180


For requests regarding technical documents or test and approval certificates, please use downloads or contact: info@fire-protectors.com