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Palusol® and Palusol® SW

Palusol® – The innovative solution for intelligent fire protection

Palusol® and Palusol® SW are intumescent materials used  for passive fire protection that effectively extend the fire resistance duration of building components.

Due to its high-quality standards, Palusol® has been the market leader in the field of intumescent silicate sheets for over 50 years. These fire protection sheets are widely used in passive fire protection in both public and private buildings. In the event of a fire, a Palusol® silicate sheet quickly foams up (= intumesces) under the effect of heat whilst exerting inflation pressure. The resulting non-combustible, heat-insulating and pressure-resistant foam prevents the spread of fire and smoke to other rooms by selectively filling joints and gaps in the immediate vicinity. In this way, Palusol® buys important time until the arrival of the fire brigade and thus contributes not only to protecting lives but also to preserving the value of material assets.

Our team conducts research and development in close cooperation with fire protection experts and customers to further improve the material properties and expand our product range. Thus, innovative solutions such as the Palusol® SW sandwich product range are constantly being further developed.

The core of Palusol® fire protection sheets consists of water-containing silicate reinforced with glass fibers protected on both sides by a layer of epoxy resin against the influence of weathering. Palusol® sheets, which are manufactured in various thicknesses and dimensions, can be converted into strips or smaller sheets and used in a wide variety of passive fire protection applications.

Palusol® SW sandwich boards have been specially developed for the manufacture of fire doors made primarily of wood materials and for use in fire protection walls. The different arrangements of high-density fiberboard (HDF) and Palusol® fire protection sheets achieve high component rigidity and fire resistance ratings of up to 90 minutes.

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Palusol® SW  

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Areas of application for Palusol® and Palusol® SW

Palusol® is used in the field of passive fire protection. Fire doors and glazing as well as fire stops for pipes, cables and ventilation elements as well as fire walls with Palusol® prevent the spread of fire and smoke to other rooms for a specified period of time. The products are used in a wide range of public buildings, such as office buildings, hotels, concert halls, schools, hospitals, universities and many more.

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Schörghuber Spezialtüren KG: Use of Palusol® in fire protection doors for commercial buildings

Complex, large-format and 2-leaf T90 fire doors can be realized with Palusol® strips under the battening of the door and front sides. Palusol® can even be used to create fire-protection-compliant door frames made of wood or steel, concealed fittings such as hinges and door closers.

Mann McGowan: Use of Palusol® in ventilation grilles and fire doors

Mann McGowan is one of the few companies that have been successfully processing our intumescent materials such as Palusol® and Interdens® for more than 40 years and developing product systems from them. Here, in addition to fire resistance and acoustic performance, environmental protection also plays a major role. This extensive range of intumescent gaskets is complemented by a comprehensive installation service that reflects the quality, performance and reliability of the products.

NGFL Inc: Using Palusol® SW in distinctive and unique wooden doors and frames

Whether you are an architect or designer, you can access reliable wood fire doors with a wide variety of designs, including glass cutouts, skylights and sidelights. Unique and prestigious door designs with a core of intumescent Palusol® sandwich products offer fire protection between 20 and 90 min.

Wichmann Brandschutzsysteme GmbH & Co. KG: Use of Palusol® in cable penetration seals

Depending on the size and shape of the opening in the building element or cable occupancy, either round or rectangular cable boxes are fitted.

Odice S.A.S.: Using Palusol® in fire protection ventilation grilles

Thanks to their expansion pressure intumescence technology, VENTILODICE rectangular or circular fire protection ventilation grilles are ideal for providing natural ventilation through partition walls and fire doors. At the same time, in the event of a fire, they provide effective protection against flames, smoke and gases.

Odice S.A.S.: Conversion of Palusol® into strips for fire protection applications in wooden and steel doors

Intumescent fire and smoke seals made of Palusol®, encapsulated in rigid thermoplastic profiles in combination with lips and brushes protect against cold smoke, fire and hot gases. Inserted on the face of door leaves or in the frames, they close the joints and brace the doors. Thus, fire resistances from 20 to 90 min. are realized.