Wolmanit® Firestop and Wolmanit® Antiflamm

Innovative fire protection for wood and wood-based materials

Effective and reliable fire protection systems are needed to effectively and permanently protect wood and wood-based materials against fire. Learn more about our proven systems.

Wood is a natural, renewable raw material that is particularly valued as a building material due to its excellent structural, mechanical and physical properties. However, as a normally flammable building material, wood is combustible, which limits its use in areas with increased fire protection requirements or necessitates supplementary protection against the effects of fire and radiant heat.

With our Wolmanit® range of fire protection products, we offer two different systems to effectively protect wood and wood-based materials from the effects of fire and radiant heat and to enable their use in fire-sensitive application areas.

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Wolmanit® Firestop  

Wolmanit® Antiflamm  

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Wolmanit® Antiflamm provides safety for passengers in buses and trains

Wolmanit® Antiflamm makes a decisive contribution to protecting the life and limb of passengers on public transport in the event of a fire. The molded wood shells of the passenger seats achieve low flammability due to the flame-retardant finish with our intumescent fire protection coating and thus help to reduce the risk for passengers and personnel to a high degree.

Hotel Krønasår at Europa-Park, Rust / Germany

In the last decade the new water-world Rulantica was created next to the Europa-Park. The wooden facades of the Europa-Park hotel "Bell Rock" were treated using Wolmanit® Firestop flame retardant to meet the increased fire protection requirements. Eventually, in 2019 the museum hotel "Krønasår" executed in a colorful Scandinavian style was opened. Its wooden facade also contains Wolmanit® Firestop, making the "Krønasår" a safe place for guests and employees.

Image: Europa-Park

Archbishop's Vocational School Cologne

The four-story building of the Archbishop's Vocational School in Cologne includes 50 classrooms, a gymnasium, a library, a cafeteria and a foyer for meetings.

To meet the increased fire protection requirements, the FireSec Fineline panels used for wall and ceiling cladding were equipped with Wolmanit® Firestop flame retardant.

House of Farmers Freiburg

The four-story administration and office building in the heart of Freiburg was built entirely in wood. In order to meet the fire protection requirement "flame retardant", the façade made of glulam was pressure impregnated with Wolmanit® Firestop and protected from the sun and weather by an imposing glazing structure. This was installed in order to preserve the natural wood appearance over the long term.