Wolmanit® Antiflamm

Wolmanit® Antiflamm – the fire protection coating for wood and wood-based materials that has been tried and tested for decades

Wolmanit® Antiflamm is a fire protection coating that foams up (= intumesces) in the event of fire. While Wolmanit® Firestop is impregnated deeply into the wood structure by means of vacuum pressure treatment, Wolmanit® Antiflamm is applied only superficially, e.g. by brushing or spraying wood or wood-based materials. In case of fire, an effective protective shield is formed, which protects the coated substrate from the effects of fire and radiant heat.

Advantages of Wolmanit® Antiflamm

Intumescence – the protective layer formed in the event of fire offers additional advantages.

Wolmanit® Antiflamm not only reduces the flammability of wood and wood-based materials. The formation of an excellent heat-insulating protective layer additionally reduces the combustion rate of wood and wood-based materials.Both effects yield the best possible classifications for combustible building materials such as Euroclass B according to EN 13501-1 or B1 (low flammability) according to DIN 4102-1.

Application of Wolmanit® Antiflamm

Wolmanit® Antiflamm – the fire protection solution for wood and wood-based materials when fire protection impregnation is difficult.

Wolmanit® Antiflamm is used in various applications indoors or in areas not exposed to moisture, where superficial protection of wood and wood-based materials against fire and radiant heat is preferable to protection by vacuum pressure treatment. This is the case, for example, with wood that has already been installed, with wood under high dimensional stability requirements where vacuum pressure treatment is not recommended, or in situations or projects where vacuum pressure treatment cannot be realized due to time constraints.

Wolmanit® Antiflamm is particularly valued in the fire protection coating of molded plywood parts for train and bus seats due to its very good fabric compatibility.

Wolmanit® Antiflamm is not suitable for use in areas exposed to moisture or outdoors.

Wolmanit® Antiflamm properties

Wolmanit® Antiflamm – a highly effective intumescent fire protection coating for wood and wood-based materials.

Below we have summarized the main properties of our fire protection coating Wolmanit® Antiflamm:

  • Phosphate-based intumescent coating for wood and wood-based materials
  • Excellent processing properties (brushing, rolling, spraying)
  • Fast drying
  • Very good adhesion properties
  • Titanium dioxide-free
  • Very good compatibility with textile fabrics

Wolmanit® Antiflamm mode of action

Wolmanit® Antiflamm reduces flammability and slows down combustion.

When exposed to fire or radiant heat, Wolmanit® Antiflamm applied to the wood surface increases its original volume many times over, forming a voluminous and highly thermally insulating foam layer. Areas under the foam layer are effectively protected from the effects of fire and heat by reducing and retarding energy input. This not only reduces flammability, but also delays pyrolysis of wood and wood-based materials and thus effectively reduces its combustion rate.