Welcome to Fire Protectors

Our company is one of the most experienced manufacturers of fire protection materials and systems in the world, offering a comprehensive range of services for a wide variety of passive fire protection applications.

Since 1952, we have been providing our customers with solutions for structural fire protection. With our extensive experience in development, formulation and production, we are the only supplier internationally to offer all established chemical formulation technologies used in  passive fire protection systems.

Our Products

Wolman Wood and Fire Protection GmbH produces and sells fire protection products that meet the highest requirements.

By using our fire protection products and systems, structural elements and wood as well as fire compartments in buildings receive effective protection against the effects and spread of fire by significantly extending the duration of protection. This safeguards lives and property.

Interdens® and Exterdens®

Proven protection in the event of fire: Interdens® and Exterdens® are fire protection products that foam up in the event of fire and effectively extend the fire resistance of building components.

Wolmanit® Firestop and Wolmanit® Antiflamm

Effective and reliable fire protection systems are needed to protect wood and wood-based materials against fire, unfailingly and permanently. Learn more about the proven systems from Wolman.

Palusol® and Palusol® SW

The innovative solution for intelligent fire protection. Palusol® and Palusol® SW are intumescing fire protection products  that effectively extend the fire resistance of building components.

KBS® – Cable Fire Protection and Penetration Sealing

The KBS® fire protection portfolio includes a wide range of fire protection products of the highest quality that reliably prevent the spread of fire in an emergency and thus permanently meet building code requirements.

Flamastic® Customized Solutions

For challenging fields of application and safety in all areas. Fire Protectors develops individual solutions specific for your particular application and in close cooperation with you. We can offer solutions in the form of pastes, granules or molds and on the basis of intumescent as well as ablative technology. Flamastic® Customized Solutions are used, among other areas, in electromobility.


KBS® Pipe Seal B: 10 m (4 Stück à 2,5 m)

Fire Protectors receives an ETA for our new fire-protective pipe wrap KBS® Pipe Seal B used for combustible pipes (reference no. 21/0466).

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Fire Protectors fill traditional brand Flamastic® with new life

Under this brand Grünau introduced the first products for passive fire protection in Europe more than 40 years ago. The original Flamastic® range soon became known as KBS® in the 1980s. Today, the brand Flamastic® stands for our customized solutions based on the fire protection technologies intumescence and ablation.

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Wolman Site Sinzheim now also with the Fire Protectors flag

What actually belongs together is now united, setting out on a new path in passive fire protection. Three fire protection units, each with an independent past, have found a common roof in Wolman Wood and Fire Protection GmbH.

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With our new Fire Protectors umbrella brand, the color of our proven KBS® Sealbags has also changed. From now on they present themselves in Fire Protectors blue.

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After the cancellation of the DHI conNextions 2020 due to the Corona pandemic, we look forward to participating again this year together with our American distribution partner NGFL Incorporation at the leading trade show for the North American market.

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