KBS® Pipe Seal B

Our pipe wrap

Intumescent wrap tape for sealing plastic pipes of various types and diameters (up to 110 mm) in walls and floors and in KBS® panel seal systems.

Technical features / advantages

  • Intumescent wrap tape with fiberglass reinforced backing.
  • Develops a heat insulating carbon foam when exposed to heat
  • Develops an inflation pressure when exposed to heat
  • Used in KBS® panel seal systems
  • Classified up to EI 120 U/U according to EN 13501-2:2010

Area of application

  • Dry interior areas
  • Applicable for single pipe penetrations in walls and floors
  • Use in KBS® cable and mixed penetration seal systems to achieve flame resistance and smoke tightness in fire compartmentation

Approvals and test certificates

  • CE certified
  • European Technical Assessment (ETA): ETA-21/0466
  • Classified for use in KBS® panel seal systems according to EN13501-2
  • Approved for use in KBS® panel seal systems in Switzerland (VKF fire protection application)
  • Approval for use in KBS® panel seal systems in Germany (abG) – applied for


For requests regarding technical documents or test and approval certificates, please use downloads or contact: info@fire-protectors.com