Kabelabschottung mit dem KBS® Mortar Seal

Cable penetration seal with KBS® Mortar

Our proven KBS® cable penetration seals were used in various power plants in Finland. KBS® Mortar is used here especially for fire stopping in concrete floors.

Kabelabschottung KBS® Sealbags

Cable penetration seal with KBS® Sealbags

KBS® Sealbags as permanent fire protection solution in the Telfer Gold Mine in Down Under Western Australia.

Kabelabschottung KBS® Panel Seal ABL

Cable penetration seal with KBS® Panel Seal ABL

KBS® Panel Seal ABL cable penetration seal realized by Serpib-Industrie, France, in the EDF thermal power plant Martigues at the Mediterranean coast, near Marseille.

Brandschutzbeschichtung der Leitungen in einem Kabeltunnel

Fire protection coating of electric cables in a cable tunnel

The cable tunnel of the "Cable Line Pehlin - Turnic" project on the Croatian Adriatic coast near Rijeka extends over a distance of almost 2 km. To protect the 110 kV cables against fire propagation, the Croatian company Dalekovod equipped them with KBS® Coating in 2014.

Kabelbeschichtung im Sime Darby Gaskraftwerk Thailand

Cable coating at Sime Darby gas power plant Thailand

The supply of electrical energy for the population and industry is an essential necessity nowadays. The coating of the cables in the transformer station of the Sime Darby CCGT Cogen Power Plant, Laem Chabang Industrial Estate Chon Buri / Thailand with KBS® Coating ensures that cable fires and the resulting blackouts in the power distribution network are avoided

Kabelbeschichtung in einer Raffinerie

Cable coating in a refinery

In 2013, Bangchak Petroleum was looking for a cable fire protection coating that could withstand decades of outdoor use in the weather conditions of tropical Thailand.

KBS® Coating – Eiffelturm Paris

KBS® Coating - Eiffel Tower Paris

In 2010, the complete steel structure of the Eiffel Tower was painted with a brown color. To match this, the fire-retardant cable coating KBS® Coating also had to be colored in the same shade and applied to the visible power cables. Prior to its application, however, our lab-team needed to ascertain that the fire protective action of KBS® Coating had not suffered due to the coloration.

Schörghuber Spezialtüren KG: Use of Palusol® in fire protection doors for commercial buildings

Complex, large-format and 2-leaf T90 fire doors can be realized with Palusol® strips under the battening of the door and front sides. Palusol® can even be used to create fire-protection-compliant door frames made of wood or steel, concealed fittings such as hinges and door closers.

Mann McGowan: Use of Palusol® in ventilation grilles and fire doors

Mann McGowan is one of the few companies that have been successfully processing our intumescent materials such as Palusol® and Interdens® for more than 40 years and developing product systems from them. Here, in addition to fire resistance and acoustic performance, environmental protection also plays a major role. This extensive range of intumescent gaskets is complemented by a comprehensive installation service that reflects the quality, performance and reliability of the products.

NGFL Inc: Using Palusol® SW in distinctive and unique wooden doors and frames

Whether you are an architect or designer, you can access reliable wood fire doors with a wide variety of designs, including glass cutouts, skylights and sidelights. Unique and prestigious door designs with a core of intumescent Palusol® sandwich products offer fire protection between 20 and 90 min.